Sunday, April 9, 2017

2020 US Democratic Presidential Hopefuls' Statement on Syria Air Strikes Scorecard

Clear disapproval of air strikes
1. tulsi gabbard
2. chris murphy
3. liz warren

Not approving them, vague statement, no clear acceptance of Assad’s culpability
4. cory booker

Muddled reluctance to approve air strikes
5. julian castro
6. mark cuban
7. kirsten gillibrand

Approval of air strikes, further action needs congressional approval
8. jeff merkley
9. bernie sanders
10. chris coons
11. al franken
12. joe manchin
13. tammy duckworth

Approval of air strikes
14. martin o’malley
15. sherrod brown

Enthusiastic approval of air strikes
16. amy klobuchar
17. john kerry
18. bob casey

Enthusiastic approval of air strikes before they happened, calling Putin “worse than Hitler," inept candidacy and response to legitimate ethical and legal questions making Trump president
19. hillary clinton


  1. As with token votes against shoo-in Trump cabinet appointments, there’s probably some pretending for the base here. Most likely to act the dove and then cave in to the hawks if sworn in:

    1. Cory Booker
    2. Cory Booker
    3. Kirsten Gillibrand
    4. Al Franken
    5. Julian Castro
    6. Chris Coons
    7. Tammy Duckworth
    8. Mark Cuban
    9. Cory Booker
    10. Kirsten Gillibrand
    11. Liz Warren
    12. Cory Booker

  2. I was in error not to put Coons on top of that list, as has become more obvious later, though unlikely to be president unless he veeps it up.