Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I was surrounded last night with people, from different walks of life, who are outraged about Trump's victory, and what I heard is ultimately the hope that arises from this election. The media has done a great trashing job on Trump, albeit for the wrong reasons. America is hyper-aware of race and has their eyes open about this victory. All blacks I met were solemn, and out in low numbers. One thing I said was 'it would be great if the president did the right thing and we could all sit back, but there is unity in opposition.' That is the hope that I derive from this week.

What terrified me was the free pass Hillary was getting from the media and others, stifling popular opposition to her policies. Trump is in it for himself and will go down in flames like many before him. Hillary has the whole machine behind her. The most terrifying thing about Trump on policy grounds is that he and Paul Ryan will get together on deregulation, and whatever unpredictability comes with the Donald. If they go after Social Security than the Dems will make them pay. Progressives have to make the Dem establishment pay as I wrote in July.

Liberal talking heads have misunderstood Trump's rationale for establishing relations with Russia, which is a result of Michael Flynn having his ear. Flynn also opposes the Iran deal, a more negative influence on Trump. I don't idolize the guy by any means, but Hillary's foreign policy advisers were arguably more frightening than W. Bush's.


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