Monday, March 28, 2016

Dream: I was taking a course administered by Donald Trump in a long, wide hallway, about 50' by 30', with the doorway to the outside behind us and near another doorway to an amphitheater. Students ran the range of ages and backgrounds. When someone moved or twitched noticeably, they were shot and dragged out. Two were shot. On a placard the names of the people shot were listed. I decided to walk out but would cooperate of someone didn't want to let me leave. I made it out but we had left our shoes somewhere and I had no shoes to walk back to town. I saw a professor that I had met earlier and was familiar with her history book. She had just been told by the administrators that her office was untidy. I told her about the students being shot and she said, "Oh that was faked, no doubt."

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