Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update 11/25:
AMY GOODMAN: "The results are not fully in yet. At around 53%, 54% of the count, — what Honduras is saying, what the authorities are saying is the right wing candidate Juan Hernandez has beaten Xiomara Castro. Your response?
ADRIENNE PINE: Yes, that is the official story that we’re hearing from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Amy, but it contrasts with the numbers that are coming out of the polling places themselves, which show an overwhelming lead for the candidate Xiomara Castro. So, there is real concern on the streets, there’s real concern over the social networks and we are expecting that there will probably — that these results have not been accepted by the Libre Party and we are expecting people will probably be going out on the streets to them protest today.

Guardian: "Both the US ambassador Lisa Kubiske and Ulrike Lunacek, head of the European Union observer mission, said reports from the polls indicated the vote and subsequent count so far were regular.
'We had 110 observers in almost all Honduras states, and we have seen a transparent process with all parties represented at the table,' Kubiske said, noting that there was a system in place for people to peacefully file complaints or contest the results.

This is "transparent" to Lubiske.

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  1. "What we know is that the tallies of the departments in which our numbers indicate a great advantage have not been counted or are being detained for reasons that we do not know. " - Enrique Reina of the LIBRE party