Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hearing Plouffe say "..my sense is Karl (Rove) is going to be at crossroads himself on Tuesday.." and Ennis say "Karl Rove isn't in it for power anymore.. Karl Rove needs GOP control of the Justice Department so that he can wrap up loose ends and not have to keep looking over his shoulder" - means I can't get this Mankiewicz/ Welles scene from Citizen Kane out of my head -

KANE: In case you don't know, Emily, this gentleman-
GETTYS: I'm not a gentleman. Your husband is only trying to be funny calling me one. I don't even know what a gentleman is.  You see, my idea of a gentleman.. heh...  But Mrs. Kane, if I owned a newspaper and I didn't like the way someone was doing things, some politician, say, I'd fight him with everything I had.  Only I wouldn't show him in a convict's suit with stripes for his children to see his picture in the paper, or his mother-
KANE: You're a cheap, crooked grafter-
GETTYS: We're talking now about what you are! Mrs. Kane, I'm fighting for my life - not just my political life - my life.


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