Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's more fun for a liberal than watching Mike Castle lose to Christine O'Donnell? Going to high school with her!

Chris (she was Chris then) and I never hung out outside school, lest anyone think that someone would date me and then become an anti-sex crusader. But that is me with the disco hair and the hair on the chest she would joke about. Did she run for school assembly? I don't recall she did. She never said a word about politics. Neither did I. Kidding about the second part.

Very, very bizarre to see her on the cover of everything: first the political pages, then the NY Times cover, then the BBC front page, then Le Monde. Libération, Sartre's old newspaper, has been on the Christine beat for a few days, running the headline yesterday: "Le Delaware, pour ou contre la masturbation?" and even translating her aphorisms (« On ne peut pas se masturber sans désir sexuel »).

Readers of my other blog know that I was following the 2008 Senate elections rather closely, but had no idea that she was also nominated against Biden that year. Who'd think to check whom Biden was running against? I did see her on Politically Incorrect back when I would watch tv, like 10 years ago, outing her sister as a lesbian on the show. Her sister didn't dig me as much but we got along ok. A friend of mine did the egg-as-baby health class exercise with her sister and developed a crush on her. The egg/baby was named Jesus and when he asked about breast-feeding she said “I don't want Jesus drinking me!” That was funny in high school. Despite that and other experiences, he didn't join Chris' anti-sex campaign.

The GOP has been particularly rough on Chris: first the smear campaign, then Castle not acknowledging her or conceding to her, then the news that he wouldn't endorse her, and the national party saying they won't spend a dime on her. At first I thought they wanted to teach the Tea Party that their candidates are futile and they have to vote the slate if they don't want Democrats, then I realized they're funding other Tea Partiers, so it's just her they think is unelectable (and some other words I won't repeat). I suppose that after you accuse someone of misappropriating campaign funds, it's harder to give them your donors' money. And if you were wondering when I would mention Karl Rove on my new blog: it was your idea to play to the base, a_____e. Also, the GOP is getting so much momentum out of aimless anti-incumbency that the Tea Party nominees make for a minor correction.

I'd pick her to be president over Sarah Palin any day. Either way, the world would blow up, but she doesn't have that grating voice.

And however crazy her views sound now, she really was a sweet person through and through. I mean that.

Note: I'm not one to publish correspondence and your emails are safe with me, but some things are too funny. & don't you just love that “For sure the academics of Moorestown are challenging and provide great opportunities for growth”? I wasn't on the yearbook committee, nor was this school in the San Fernando Valley.

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